Clovk abnormal alarm

I have an ITC-308T-WIFI and it keeps sending me notifications on my phone of “clock abnormal alarm”. This turns the unit off and this stops the heating in my aquarium! I can’t reset the unit from my phone and the only way to fix it is turn the power off and on again. Why does this happen and how do I fix it?

Please allow me to confirm that the product you bought is ITC-308WIFI instead of ITC-306T-WIFI?
If the model cannot be judged, maybe you can provide a front photo of the product?
Or please send me your order information via private message.
After turning off and turning on the power again, will the controller still frequently trigger the “clock abnormal alarm” notification?

Hi Tania,

The model is an ITC-306T-WIFI as you correctly identified.
Once turned off the unit resets and is fine for a time, but then at some point in the future it does the same “clock abnormal alarm”. The main issue is that it can’t be reset so the heater turns off and my aquarium then starts to get cold.

Please send the screenshot/link of this post, the screenshot of “clock abnormal alarm” and the order information to, so that we can proceed with the next after-sales service.