ITC 306T WIFI EU alarm clock got err

My new itc 306T wifi got err a faulty alarm clock.
At first i was thinking was my mistake because i dont set local time in to device so app and device got different time .
But after i fixed it i so both device and app shared same time oclock but every time to time i got this alarm clock ERR again
Its pretty bothersome when this happen in the mid of night and dangerous when this happen when i am not at home.
So i put a smart wifi plug in line to itc 306T wifi so i can reset it also when iam out.
I want to know the reason of this ERR who happen to my device every 2 or 3 day , iam bit reluctant to send it back
my Itc 306TWIFI have also an other “problem” its do not take setting from app all the time , often i need to make some try to have value change be registered and take effect i dont know if this is a normal behaviour
in the picture my app configuration screen

Please note that if the setting is completed in the APP, please exit and save the setting through the return key in the upper left corner of the APP, please do not exit the setting through the return key that comes with the mobile phone, otherwise it cannot be saved.
For ERR issues, please contact for after-sales processing.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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