My brand new INT-11P-B is not charging

Hey, Ive just got my first Int-11p-b in and its in the charging case. The case is connected to a power supply the app says its connected and charging but…the procentage keeps dropping instead of increasing. It does not seem to charge. Is it defective? should I return it?

Please make sure the charger connected to the charging case supports 5V, 1A. Please do not use fast charging charger, otherwise it may not charge.
When the charging case is charging, does the charging icon in the upper right corner of the INKBIRD app - INT-11-B settings page show the charging status?

Okey, so here is the situation now.
I tried with a different usbc cable. That works. So basically the usb cable that was in the package is faulty. Could you send me a new one, or should I return the entire order to Amazon and order a. Ew one?
Please let me know what you prefer.

Kind regards,

Vincent Jansen

Please send the link to this post, and order information to email for after-sales service.