INT-11P-B case not connecting to probe


I purchased one of the Inkbird INT-11P-B thermometers last week, and it isn’t working. I’m hoping someone here can help.

I have charged the thermometer until the green light stopped pulsing and went solid, and I have connected the case to the phone app fine.

But the temperature sensor doesn’t seem to be connected. I’ve attached a picture of the screen I see in my phone app here Inkbird INT-11P-B - Album on Imgur

After a while the case shuts down and I get a message on my phone saying “The device is disconnected due to loss of Bluetooth signal.”

If it helps. I am using an Android phone and have version 1.6.14 of the app.

If your 2.4ghz & 5ghz wifi have the same SSID it will not connect. Isolate them, install, then you can name them the same.

Thanks for the advice Grampy, and good to keep in mind for other Inkbird devices.

But this particular unit is Bluetooth only, no wifi.

Please put the probe into the charging case, the indicator light will light up for a few seconds, then take out the probe, will they reconnect?
If the indicator light does not light up, please adjust the position of the probe in the case. Please pay attention to the direction of the probe and make sure the probe is placed in the groove. If it is placed incorrectly, the indicator light of the case will not light up.
If it still doesn’t work, please press and hold the button of the case for 10 seconds. The green and red indicators of the case will flash. Please wait for 60 seconds. The case will re-pair with the probe. Can they be connected?

I am having a similar situation where the app is not connecting to the case (or probe). The instructions seem to indicate that the probe should connect to the app and must be removed from the case to connect. The app just times out.

Please help!

Please understand that the device not being able to connect to the INKBIRD app, and the probe being disconnected are two different situations.
According to the description, your problem is that the device cannot connect to the INKBIRD app.
Please make sure that the charging case is charged.
Please make sure that the permissions for the INKBIRD app are enabled in your phone’s settings.
Please make sure that the Bluetooth and location functions of your phone are turned on.
Please check that your phone is not automatically connected to other Bluetooth devices.
Please find INT-11P-B through the ‘+’ in the upper right corner of the INKBIRD app homepage and follow the prompts to add the device.

Hi Ray,

it turned out mine was faulty. I contacted inkbird support and after verifying the problem was real, they sent me a new one which works great.

I really love this device.

If you are having the same issues, I suggest you contact them directly.

Best Regards.