INTP-11P-B Probe won't connect or charge

Less than a month old, case charges fine but probe does nothing when placed in the case. I’ve cleaned it thoroughly and still nothing happens when placed in the case. Kind of hard to believe at only a month old but then again it seems like every time I go to use this thing there’s problems with connectivity, but the probe not charging at all is new.

And lucky me, there’s a chicken on the rotisserie right now running with no thermometer because I couldn’t get it to work.

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Never mind, I’m within the return window this shouldn’t be so frustrating to use. The 6m range is a flat out lie, put the lid on the grill and it’s more like 2 feet at best. Every time I go to use it it says probe disconnected and I have to toy with it just to get it to work, very rarely have I just pulled it out and had it work right away.

I thought I could save some money and get this instead of the Meater but this is just too frustrating. Return has already been created, not going to risk going through this again and again when I have a bird on the rotisserie.

Sorry to hear that.
Please ensure that the probe is fully inserted into the meat when using it, and the depth reaches the scale line. This avoids damaging the probe.
Please make sure the INT-11P-B charging case and probe are fully charged.
Since the charging case and probe are connected via Bluetooth, it is best to keep the distance between them within 3 meters when cooking.
In addition, please understand that if the oven material used is thicker, it may affect the Bluetooth connection. Maybe you could put the probe and the charging case at the same distance in an open environment to test whether they can maintain the connection?

It’s fully inserted and case fully charged, probe will not charge at all. Worked fine two nights before, prepared a whole chicken and inserted the probe. Nothing. Spent the rest of the day trying to get the case to charge it, it just won’t charge the probe, period.

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If you put the probe into the charging case, will the indicator light on the charging case turn on?
Please ensure that the probe direction is correct and please adjust the position of the probe several times.
If it still doesn’t work, please provide order information and problem video to email for after-sales service.