Inkbird 11P-B-1 Issues

Hi there. I bought the 11P-B-1 for my husband for Christmas. He was having problems and couldn’t get it to work properly, I thought perhaps he was doing something wrong, I’ve just spent hours going in circles with it.

What’s happening :

  • the probe goes offline perpetually. It does so generally in 30 seconds and the longest it’s lasted is 5 minutes. I timed it about 20 times.
  • It does not register temperature at all when it is online even for 5 minutes in a chunk of meat that is already well and truly cooked and just pulled off the bbq steaming hot. Nothing.
  • When charging, the green light does flash slowly, but it doesn’t turn off when the probe should be fully charged like it says it should in the instructions. It goes to solid green and stays that way while still plugged in.

What I’ve done/checked:

  • checked settings on the app, all are on, including location and correct.
  • uninstalled and reinstalled the app.
  • the case, phone and probe are within 2 metres of each other with no barriers.
  • the iphone is not connected to any other Bluetooth devices.
  • the iPhone is not going to sleep and it’s happening without switching to other apps (location is set to ‘always’ anyhow).
  • I’ve followed all troubleshooting steps in the instructions.
  • I’ve followed suggestions on this forum for similar issues by the moderator.

Anything new I need to know by any chance? Pretty disappointed right now.

If you put the probe in the charging case, the light will come on for a few seconds, and then take the probes out, will they reconnect?
If it doesn’t work, please take out the probe, please press and hold the button of the charging case for 10 seconds, the charging box will display green and red indicators alternately, please wait for 60 seconds, the charging case will reconnect with the probe, can they be connected?
If the problem still cannot be solved, please attach the link to this post and order information to for after-sales service.