INT-11P-B Disconnected with new App

I’m on my 2nd INT-11P-B as the first one was faulty and was replaced.
The app got updated to 1.6.19 on 3/4/2024. Since the update, the probe continued to disconnect from the app. Now it won’t connect at all.
What can I do to re-connect the probe to the app?

Do you mean that the INKBIRD app will show that the charging case is online, but the probe is offline? Or will the INKBIRD app show that the charging case and probe are offline?

Yes. The case us online but the probe shows offline.

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Please make sure the probe is fully charged.
Please put the probe into the charging case. Will the charging case display a green indicator light?
If not, please place the probe next to the charging case, please press and hold the button of the charging case for 10 seconds, the charging case will alternately display green and red indicator lights. Please wait, if the indicator light flashes green for the last time, it means the probe is reconnected to the charging case. Will the app display the probe reading?
If the product still doesn’t work, please provide the link to this post and order information to email for after-sales service.

I’m working with support. I sent a video of what happening. This is my 2nd unit already that is faulty since November. Extremely frustrating

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Sorry to hear that.
I communicated with support, they will provide after-sales service. Engineers are already collecting relevant information and planning to optimize the product.
Please understand that product problems mean that it has the potential to be improved, and engineers will not give up the possibility of improving the product.