INKBIRD int-11p-b mesage: "The probe battery is to be drained out..."

This is regarding the INT-11-P-B Bluetooth grilling probe. I’ve used it five times now, and get the same message on my iPhone: “The probe battery is to be drained out, please place it into charging case for charging”

This is within 30 minutes of starting the cook. Placing the probe in the case does light the light on the case for a few seconds which seems to indicate it is charging. But I get the same message. What does “probe battery is to be drained out…” mean, exactly? Is my probe defective?

I drained the probe battery by leaving it out for three days, then charged it. Still get the error message, so it’s likely the probe is defective.

Could you provide the phone model and mobile phone system version?
May I know in the app, is the probe battery level shown 0%? Or is it 100%?
This can help us rule out whether the APP sent the prompt by mistake…

Iphone 15, IOS 17.2.1
The probe was 100%. The case was 83%. The probe did go down to 0% when I left it out 3 days, then back to 100% when it was charged.

Thanks for your details.
I have reported this issue to the engineers.
If the probe is at 100% but triggers the ‘battery drained’ prompt, it is possible that the INKBIRD app triggered the notification incorrectly. They will optimize the app as soon as possible, please pay attention to INKBIRD app updates.

Thank you!
Please note that since this was within the return window with Amazon, I requested a Return/Replace and expect the replacement next week.

Received the replacement. I removed the old probe in the APP and PAIRed the new one. It now works great and no error message. Thanks everyone!