MH-058/IAQM-058 inconsistent/incorrect temperature readings

The Air Quality Detector MH-058/IAQM-058 is giving different temperature readings on the device screen and the readings shown in the app. They are also different from the readings on two other similar devices set in the same location (which both read fairly close to each other). The readings from the -058 are also different from the two other Inkbird devices in the same room. The -058 was purchased recently from Amazon.
Is there something I can do to reset or calibrate the device or is it defective?

Apparently not. No answers from Inkbird? Replacement device cia Amazon does the same thing. Not acceptable.

Please email order information and photos of the problem to for after-sales service.

you guys are so far behind the loop on this that I already have returned the item and moved to a different company’s product. Thanks anyhow.