ITC-608T Temp and humidity probes

I have the ITC-608T installed in a DIY meat dry age/curing chamber. I have the fridge/chamber plugged in to Work 2. I will have humidifier plugged into Work 1 when it arrives. Is this controller able to power on both the fridge and humidifier at the same time, or does it only power one outlet at a time? If I plug in the humidity probe, with out a humidifier connected, and use it just for monitoring purposes, while the temp probe is plugged in, the controller does not control the temp. It acts like it switches Work 2 off and turns on Work 1. Any thoughts helpful. Thanks.

If the temperature probe and humidity probe are inserted into the ITC-608T, the work1 socket is fixed for the temperature function and the work2 socket is fixed for the humidity function. Please ensure that the device is plugged correctly.

Hi Tania - Similar question as “contact” had above. Here is my set-up and my problem.
I’ve got a bacterial growth system built using ITC 608T and need to hold a specific temp and humidity. I have the Temp sensor in Work 1 and Humidity in Work 2.

Work 1 controls a heating mat at 38C. This turns the mat on and off without issue. Work 2 is controlling an Inkbird Plus reptile mister. My %RH I’m trying to hold is 70-80% RH but find I’m overshooting to 100%. I have the mister turned on it’s lowest setting so that it doesn’t overwhelm the chamber with significant volume of mist. I’ve tried lowering the setpoint to around 50%RH but the system still overshoots.

So my HS is set to 70%, DS at 5%, AH at 85%, AL at 5%, PT is 0, and CA is 0. I do not have a dehumidifier attached at this time.

What control parameter am I missing that would allow me to make an adjustment while tuning to control between my HS and AH?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Please make sure the ITC-608T has 1 temperature probe and 1 humidity probe inserted, it can recognize temperature and humidity readings.
Please check the humidity control function, is HD set to H?
Please be careful not to set it to D, otherwise it will recognize the dehumidification function.
If the setting is correct, please check whether the work2 indicator light turns off when the humidity reaches HS?
Is it turned off but the work2 output is still working?
This can help us determine whether the work2 output is working properly.