ITC-608T Temp and humidity probes

I have the ITC-608T installed in a DIY meat dry age/curing chamber. I have the fridge/chamber plugged in to Work 2. I will have humidifier plugged into Work 1 when it arrives. Is this controller able to power on both the fridge and humidifier at the same time, or does it only power one outlet at a time? If I plug in the humidity probe, with out a humidifier connected, and use it just for monitoring purposes, while the temp probe is plugged in, the controller does not control the temp. It acts like it switches Work 2 off and turns on Work 1. Any thoughts helpful. Thanks.

If the temperature probe and humidity probe are inserted into the ITC-608T, the work1 socket is fixed for the temperature function and the work2 socket is fixed for the humidity function. Please ensure that the device is plugged correctly.