ITC-608T - only humidity probe plugged in


Controller behavior seems to change if temp probe is unplugged and only Humidity probe is plugged in. User manual does not provide any information about this scenario. Is there anything youbcan provide to help?

I would like to use humidity sensor only. But controller dies not initiate based on settings…

Thanks in advance.

The ITC-608T will recognise different modes depending on which probe is inserted.
The different combinations of probes in the manual are its corresponding modes.
For example, if the ITC-608T has a temperature and humidity probe inserted, it will correspond to the temperature and humidity modes in the manual. When the temperature probe is unplugged, it will change to the humidity mode in the manual. The change of mode will change the setting values.
When only the humidity probe is plugged into the ITC-608T, its work1 output will be used for humidification and its work2 output will be used for dehumidification.