ITC-608T not showing humidity when programming

I bought this last year and has been working great. I had to turn it off (unplug) for a couple of months. I just started using it again. I plugged it in and when programming, it only shows temperature. It will not show the humidity settings. How can I get the humidity back on there? Or, is there a way to reset it?

Just to confirm, are the temperature and humidity probes plugged into the ITC-608T?
Could you provide a photo showing the ITC-608T with the temperature probe and humidity probe plugged in, but the ITC-608T only displays the temperature reading?

Yes, both are plugged in.

Please insert the temperature probe into ports p1 and p2 to test. If the ITC-608T can read the temperature normally, it means there is a problem with the humidity probe.
The ITC-608T humidity probe has a 1-year warranty.
Please provide the link to this post and order information to email for after-sales service.