Help. ITC-608T programing

I need to program my ITC-608T to maintain 85 to 95 percent humidity in my fruiting tent.
How do I program the humidity settings?
I gave up on trying to program the temp. I don’t need that just the humidity.

Please insert the humidity probe into ITC-608T, please do not insert the temperature probe.
Its work1 outlet will be used for the humidification function, and the work2 outlet will be used for the dehumidification function.
HS is target humidity.
HD is humidification differential value.
DD is dehumidification differential value.
The principle is:
When humidity reaches/ lower than (HS-HD), it will turn on the work 1 indicator and humidifier (work 1 socket), turn off at (HS).
When humidity reaches/ higher than (HS+DD), it will turn on the work 2 indicator and dehumidifier (work 2 socket), turn off at (HS).
If you only use a humidifier and want to maintain 85%~95%, please plug the humidifier into the work1 socket. Please set HS=95, HD=10, others are the default settings.

Thank you
That should be in the manual.
When I get this dialed in I will attempt to program the CO2 unit.
I may get back to you on that.
Thanks again