ITC - 608T Humidity Overshooting Setpoint

Here is my set-up and my problem.
I’ve got a bacterial growth system built using ITC 608T and need to hold a specific temp and humidity. I have the Temp sensor in Work 1 and Humidity in Work 2.

Work 1 controls a heating mat at 38C. This turns the mat on and off without issue. Work 2 is controlling an Inkbird Plus reptile mister. My %RH I’m trying to hold is 70-80% RH but find I’m overshooting to 100%. I have the mister turned on it’s lowest setting so that it doesn’t overwhelm the chamber with significant volume of mist. I’ve tried lowering the setpoint to around 50%RH but the system still overshoots.

So my HS is set to 70%, DS at 5%, AH at 85%, AL at 5%, PT is 0, and CA is 0. I do not have a dehumidifier attached at this time.

What control parameter am I missing that would allow me to make an adjustment while tuning to control between my HS and AH?

Any help is greatly appreciated.