Controlling Humidity on ITC-608

Is it possible to have a minimum and maximum humidity level, shutting off device once the minimum and max are reached? If yes, please provide settings. I have two humidly sensors.

The setup is for a grow tent.

I’d like the humidity to stay within 70-80%. I am not using a dehumidifier. But I have a separate intake and exhaust fan on a separate timed system. In theory i would like the humidifier to only operate after the fans run their cycle.this should not be difficult to accomplish since the fans will bring the humidity down to specific humidity level once they complete a cycle.

Please understand that only 1 humidity probe can be inserted into the ITC-608T.
Are you planning to plug a humidifier into the ITC-608 to maintain a humidity range of 70%-80%?
If yes, please plug 1 humidity probe into the ITC-608T, and the humidifier into the work1 socket. Please press and hold SET button to enter setting mode and set:
HS=80, HD=10
Please press and hold SET to save and exit the setting.
In addition, please note that the power of humidifier is within the range of 1800W (120V). The humidifier can be turned on automatically after power on, there is no need to press the button manually to turn on.