Calibration of ITC-608T

Hi I am John. I have a ITC-608T. My application is for Charcuterie inside of a convertible refrigerator. It is imperative that I have the humidity levels between 70% and 80%. It set the unit up according to the manual (Part 6 - Temp. & Humidity) I have an additional mobile Thermometer/Hygrometer inside of the refrigerator. The readings from the Thermometer/Hygrometer are 10% different than the ITC-608T Humidity probe reading. My question is: Can I calibrate the ITC-608T for an exact humidity reading?

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ITC-608T is available with calibration function.
For example, if the humidity probe reading of ITC-608T is 10% lower than actual, please set CA=10 for humidity setting.
If the humidity probe reading of ITC-608T is 10% higher than actual, please set CA= -10 for humidity setting.