ITC-608T for humidity and temp

I have a new Inkbird ITC-608T that I want to run inline fan and eventually a humidifier. I plugged in the Inline fan and heat probe into outlet 1 and programmed for 72deg with variance ±3 and had a 3 minute delay to keep from turning off and on constantly. Temp is 89 and fan didn’t turn on. I reprogrammed and removed the 3 minute delay…still nothing. What am I doing wrong?

Because ITC-608T will enter different setting modes according to different probe combinations. If you only insert 1 temperature probe, it will enter the temperature control mode. At this time, work1 output is used for heater, work2 output is used for cooler. If the fan is plugged into work1, it will not turn on the fan when the temperature is higher than the target temperature.

Is it possible the 608T will become availible with AU plug/Sockets?


Sorry, there is no plan for this at the moment. I’ll send it to the engineers as a suggestion.