ITC-608T Probe activate based on second probe temperature

I want to use the ITC-608T with two temperature probes to control an air pump in my pond. I’m currently using a 306T and manually setting the temperature for when the air pump turns on. I’d like to do this automatically based on the pond temperature with one probe in the water and the other in the air. When the air probe reaches the water temperature the outlet turns on. When the air temperature drops below the water temperature it turns off. Can this work?

Sorry, it does not have this function.
Please understand that the ITC-608T does not determine the temperature difference between two temperature probes.
When two temperature probes are inserted into the ITC-608T, the P1 temperature probe is used for control of the work1 output and the P2 temperature probe is used for control of the work2 output, they are controlled independently based on the probe readings and settings, they do not compare temperatures with each other for temperature control.