Q: Can ITC-608T control two temperature ranges at the same time?

A: Yes, but you need to plug in two temperature probes (without humidity function).

For example, let’s maintain a temperature within 50℉-60℉ with a heater, and 85℉-90℉ with a cooler.

Please plug two temperature probes into P1 and P2, connect the heater to work1 socket, connect the cooler to work2 socket.

Please set:

CF (temperature unit) =F, HC1 (heating or cooling setting) =H, TS1 (temperature setting)= 60, DS1 ( heating or cooling difference value) = 10; HC2 = C, TS2= 80, DS2=5, others are default setting values.

When the temperature reached/ lower than 50℉(TS1- DS1), it will turn on the heater, turn off at 60℉(TS1).

When the temperature has reached/is higher than 90℉(TS2+ DS2), it will turn on the cooler, turn off at 85℉(TS2).