ISC-027BW will not connect to app/Wi-Fi

I just received my isc-027bw yesterday and it will not connect to the app no matter what I do. I have tried both the 2g and 5g networks in my home, deleting and reinstalling the app (I have other inkbird products as well) and still no luck. The status light is solid red and the blue wifi light flashes as it should. My phone is an iPhone 13 pro running ios 16.1.2. The devices attempt to pair for 90 seconds but never do. Any help or suggestions you can provide would be excellent.

The status light of ISC-027BW is used to indicate the fan status. It does not affect the Bluetooth or WIFI connection.
Is it possible to connect using Bluetooth?
Please make sure INKBIRD APP is the latest version. The Bluetooth and location functions of the mobile phone are turned on, and the mobile phone is not connected to other Bluetooth devices.
Regarding WIFI connection, please refer to this post: