ISC-007BW can't connect correctly to app

Bluetooth works fine. But via WiFi it finds other device. Cant use. Help

Please use the INKBIRD app, it is an upgrade based on the Inkbird pro app. Will it have the same problem?

Hi, yes completely same problem.

Please provide your country and device ID of ISC-007BW.
The device ID can be viewed through More in the upper right corner.
I will contact the engineers to check.

Im from UK and ID is: bf63d4c8676376a2c2wfte

I contacted the engineer. Just to confirm, have you changed to the INKBIRD app? They checked the INKBIRD app backend and it is compatible with this device ID.
The INKBIRD app can be downloaded via google play/ app store, or the official website page by scanning the QR code.

Please be careful not to use the Inkbird pro app. The Inkbird pro app will be discontinued in the future and it will not be updated. It may not be compatible with newly manufactured devices.