Lots of issues getting app working for ISC-007BW

Hoping someone can help me here. Bought the ISC-007BW and tried to use it for the first time today.

The documentation tells me to download Inkbird Pro. I did this but ran into a number of errors:

Tried to connect via Wifi - but it thought it was a completely different device it seems (humidifier)
Tried to connect via Bluetooth - which worked - but after connecting it kept saying it was connected but was not updating temperature or cook time or the additional probe.

Came here and saw that I should actually use the Inkbird app - not Inkbird pro. But I can’t even register for that.- it displays quickly an error at the bottom saying Register FailFailed to connect to api-smarkcentre.inkbird.net/47

Then doesn’t do anything - I tried multiple email addresses, plus tried via Google to register/sign in - all failed. So now I can’t use any of the functionality.

Can someone at Inkbird help please.

Sorry, due to server maintenance over the weekend, the functionality of the INKBIRD app may have been affected.
Please re-register, will it work?