ISC-007bw Wifi and Temp reading issues

I’ve used the ISC-007bw maybe 3-4 times and didn’t have issues. I went to use it Sunday and had 2 odd issues:

  1. would not connect to Wifi (no changes to my network). It did connect via Bluetooth. I was not able to reset the Wifi connection, pressing/holding the Wifi button did not make the light blink fast (or slow) so I could not re-enter the Wifi Set up Mode

  2. I was getting some very odd temp readings, so after poking around I noticed:
    a) when no probes were plugged in, it was reading 9 degrees but…
    b) somehow all 3 ports were adjusted up 32 degrees so after a probe WAS plugged in, it was reading 32 degrees too hot

I used a thermapen later on with some boiling water and realized the Inkbird was off by ~30 degrees, that is when I dug through the menus to see the adjustments were made, which is odd, but even odder, it was showing 9 degrees with no probe plugged into the ports.

What is going on with this device - the Wifi being the biggest concern.

@Tania - any thoughts?

Just to confirm, are you using the latest version of INKBIRD APP?
Please note that the WIFI button is a touch screen button. If still having problems, is it possible to provide a video to show: long press the WIFI button for 3 seconds, the WIFI indicator will not flash; no probe inserted, but the ISC-007BW screen will show the 9 degrees reading? Please send the video to email Please provide the order information and phone model together.
For probe reading deviation, please refer to:
Please put the probe and probe’s cable (excluding the probe’s plug) in a 150C (302 F) oven for 30 minutes, then test it with boiling water ( please hang the probes and do not let it touch the container).
Can it work?

Hi @Tania

  1. the App is “InkBird Pro v 3.5.8”
  2. The reading of 9 degrees with no probe inserted has been fixed - for some reason all 3 probes were set to +32 degrees so I had to adjust them back down to 0. I never did this so no idea why it happened
  3. The Wifi button - I press it for 3 seconds, the Wifi light doesnt blink fast, it doesnt blink slow, it is not solid, just no light at all.

As mentioned, I tested/calibrated the probes - so they work, my question was WHY did I turn it on and they were set to +32 degrees in the calibration menu when I never did that and personally didnt know there was a calibration setting so I took me a long time to figure it out. And then the Wifi Issue is the other question.

Just to confirm, is this the WIFI button you pressed?

Please check indoors. If it’s in a place with strong light, its indicator light may not be visible clearly.
If the indicator light still does not light up, please email with order information and a video of this problem.
About the APP, maybe you can try INKBIRD APP? It is upgraded from INKBIRD PRO APP.