IBBQ-4BW WIFI Button Not Working

Hello everyone,

I had bought my INKBIRD last year and did not use it much. I had the probes sit in water for a little while (I know, my bad). I am trying to calibrate the probes using the app, but I cannot complete the set up. My WIFI button is not working properly on the INKBIRD. There is no beep confirmation like the power/light button. I have tried to press and hold, press three times quickly, and now I do not know what to do. I have the app and can easily log in with no issues. The app can find my INKBIRD with no issues. But the next step is to press the WIFI button and I cannot complete this step. Has anyone else had this happen and have a fix?

Please email support@inkbird.com with the order information and a video of this problem for after-sales service.