Q: IBBQ-4T won't connect to Wi-Fi

A: Please check as below:

① The phone is connected to the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

② Press the power button of the thermometer quickly for 3 times, then the Wi-Fi icon of the device will blink rapidly.

③ Please put the IBBQ-4T close to the Wi-Fi router and phone.

④ Pair it on the Inkbird pro app, please make sure the Wi-Fi password is correct.

⑤ The Wi-Fi router encryption method was WPA/ WPA2-PSK.

⑥ The battery of IBBQ-4T was fully charged.

⑦ If still cannot work, please reboot the Wi-Fi router and test with another phone.

Here is a video for reference:

Been through all that multiple times.