IBBQ-4T Useless Because I Can't Log In

I am trying to use my IBBQ-4T. It insists I log into an Inkbird account. I keep trying, but it will not let me in. It keeps saying it sent a code to my phone, but it sent a code to my email address instead and then would not accept it.

Is there some way to make this thing work over wifi without screwing with an online account? I couldn’t care less if someone hacks into my barbecue thermometer. This security seems over the top. If you’re going to make people use it, you should at least make it function.

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Sorry, if this is your first time using INKBIRD app, please register an INKBIRD app account first.
When registering, it will send a verification code to your email. Please fill in the verification code to register.
If you still have problems with registration, please provide your email information to the after-sales service email support@inkbird.com.

Least helpful answer.