Inkbird Pro CSV Export: please use comma or dot as decimal separator with language settings

I have an IBS-M1 (using with “Inkbird Pro” app) and linked 4 IBS-TH1 Plus (using with “Engbird” app). Both permit to export the sensor data as CSV. I use both apps with language setting “English”.
I noticed that the Engbird App is exporting the data with decimal separator comma (,) while the Inkbird Pro app is exporting with decimal separator dot (.)
Starting Excel with German settings on these CSV files will import the file with comma as decimal separator correctly, but fails on interpreting those with the dot as decimal separator since that is used in German settings as date separators. Weird enough, Excel does not complain about the dash (-) as date separator. Loading the CSV into a Text-Editor and changing all dots to commas helps to postprocess the
As an improvement you could link the data separators (- or . for date and ; or . for decimal) in the CSV Export to the language settings in the apps or supply this as separate settings in the apps.