Export to CSV data not accessible

For whatever reason, when I have tried to access the CSV data files from March 10th and March 11th for each of the several devices (IBS-M1 I believe) I have set up on my account, the data from march 10th is mostly missing (only data for the hour from 11 pm to 12 am on that day is held in the file) and the same for March 11th, but the file for the 11th is also holding all the data from March 12th. As attached in the image, while the data for the 12th is held in the file for the 11th, there is no option in the calendar to select the day for March 12th. Is there a way to retrieve the data from March 10th and March 11th for each device, including indoor AND outdoor readings? Restarting and logging back into the app don’t fix this issue. I’m using the Inkbird pro app.



As there are 2 versions of the IBS-M1, may I know if your IBS-M1 INKBIRD logo is blue or grey? What model of sensor is connected?
Is it possible to provide your phone model and a video recording of the process of this problem to support@inkbird.com?