Inkbird IHC-200 - Humidifier doesn't turn off


I’m using an Inkbird IHC-200 - recently I’m having an issue where the humidifier doesn’t turn off once it has reached the desired humidity level. I’ve been able to fix the issue myself by unplugging the humidifier from the controller and replugging, however this fix no longer works. The light on the controller is off whilst the humidifier is running.

Can anyone help?


Is the IHC-200 placed in a high humidity environment? Does it encounter water/condensation?
Do you mean when the humidifier reached HS, the work 1 indicator of IHC-200 is off, but the humidifier outlet was still on?
Could you please let me know the voltage and watt of the humidifier?


The IHC-200 is not placed in a high humidity environment (45% RH), and does not envounter any water/condenstation.
That is exactly what I mean, yes.
It’s only a small humidifier, 25W and 100-240V -

Could you please test:

  1. Unplug the controller.
  2. Hold the SET button.
  3. Plug in the controller to power on, then release the Set button (within 2 seconds, otherwise it will enter normal mode)
  4. Press the down button. It will turn on the work 2 outlet, work 2 indicator light on, is the work 1 (humidifier) turned on?
    This is a test mode, it can check if there is a problem with the work 1 outlet.

If the work1 outlet will turn on, please provide the link of this post and order information to contact for after-sales.