Inkbird humidity controler IHC 200 problem

I have a problem with the Inkbird IHC 200 controller. Occasionally, it happens that during operation, the humidity level reaches the set value, the diode indicating the humidifier operation goes out, and the humidifier continues to work all the time. Even though the dehumidifier indicator light is on, the humidifier works continuously. The controller signals an error but does not turn off the humidifier. Only knocking on the housing helps. Then you hear the relay operate and the humidifier turns off. My settings: HS - 85, HD - 3, DD - 5, AH - 99, AL - 0, PT - 1, CA - 0.
What could be the cause and what can be done about it?

Do you mean when the humidity reaches HS, the work 1 indicator of the controller is off, but the work 1 outlet is still on?
Could you please let me know the voltage and wattage of the humidifier?
Could you please test:

  1. Unplug the controller.
  2. Hold the ‘SET’ button
  3. Plug the controller to power on, then release the ‘SET’ button
  4. Quickly press the ‘down’ button, please do not press the ‘up’ button. The work 2 indicator light and work 2 output will be on. Is the humidifier working?
    This method will reset the controller, and it can also help us check if there is a problem with the work 1 outlet.

Thank you for your answer. As I wrote, sometimes it happens that the socket 1 diode goes out, and yet socket 1 is still working. Additionally, when the humidity increases by 5% above the set value (set - 85%), the socket 2 diode lights up and the socket 2 also works. Socket 1 does not turn off even if the humidity reaches 99% and the alarm goes off. In such a situation, either completely disconnecting the controller from the voltage or lightly hitting the controller housing helped. For me, such symptoms indicate that either the relay from socket 1 is “sticking” and not releasing, or there is a “cold solder joint” somewhere on the board, or some micro-crack. I am an electronics engineer by profession, but due to the deterioration of my eyesight, I have not worked in this profession for many years.
The parameters of the humidifier are: voltage 230V (Europe), power 25W.
Since yesterday, the controller is working properly. If the problem occurs again (it appears about once a day, which is rare), I will try to use the controller reset procedure described by you.

I did it step by step as you described. The socket 2 indicator light came on (the humidifier did not work), after a short while the socket 2 indicator light went off and the socket 1 indicator light came on and the humidifier started working. Regards

Unfortunately, despite the controller reset, the problem still occurs from time to time. After the reset, the controller worked properly for 27 hours. Then, in less than 3 hours, he did not turn off the humidifier twice, which caused the humidity in the mini greenhouse to increase to 99%. I will add that the controller itself is placed outside the greenhouse in a room under normal conditions in the apartment. I have 3 different controllers of yours: ITC 308, ICC 500T and IHC 200. And only IHC 200 has a problem. Regards

Thank you for your information. Please send an email with your order information and problem description to for after-sales service.

Thank you for the information. Of course, I will write to the address provided, providing order details and a link to this thread on your community. Regards

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