IHC-200 not turning humidifier off

I have the RH set to 90%. Whenever it gets to that it used to turn off the humidifier. It no longer does that. It will keep the humidifier going until it hits the alarm and even then keeps going. I’ve tried resetting completely and deleted the device from my app and still no change.

I can see the light go off for work1 but the switch itself doesn’t tick off. Usually I can hear it turn off but it’s not doing that. Any advice?

Please check that the power of the humidifier is within the range of 100-240V, 10A.
Please make sure there is no water entering the IHC-200 body.
Could you please test:

  1. Unplug the controller.
  2. Hold the ‘SET’ button.
  3. Plug in the controller to power on, then release the ‘Set’ button.
  4. Press the ‘down’ button. It will turn on the work 2 outlet, work 2 indicator will be on, is the work 1 (humidifier) turned on?
    This is a test mode, it can check if there is a problem with the work 1 outlet.
    If the work1 outlet is still turned on, please provide the link to this post and order information to email support@inkbird.com for after-sales.