Ihc 200 work 1 wont come on

I have ihc 200 set value at 50rh. 3 on hd rh readout is 45 and work 1 humidifier wont come on. I have an old scool vicks dial humidifier in work 1 it does not have to be restarted. Wondering why it wont come on. Any tried and trued humidifiers to use with ihc 200?

May I know if the IHC-200 work1 indicator light is on?
Please make sure that the humidifier can be turned on automatically after it is powered on, it does not need to be turned on manually, and it does not have a built-in humidity controller that affects it when the humidity level reaches or falls below 47% (HS-HD).
In addition, please ensure that the humidifier is within the power range of 100V-240V, 10A.