Humidifier not switching on

I have bought the IHC-200 to setup with the Anko, model: H1103B Humidifier.

I have set the IHC-200 to:

HS: 80%
HD: 5
DD: 5
AH: 100
AL: 50

Humidifier plugged into Work 1

Humidifier and IHC-200 switched on and working okay.The humidifier will turn off (red light switches off) at 80% which is expected.

Then the humidity drops and when it hits 75%, the red light turns on, BUT the humidifier does not switch on.

Any help appreciated.


Do you need to manually press the button to turn on the humidifier after it is powered on?
Please understand that the IHC-200 is the on/off controller. If the humidifier needs to be powered on manually, it is not compatible with the IHC-200.

Yes, I need to manually press the button to power it on again. It’s a touch button rather that a switch.