InkBird Humidistat IHC-200 doesn't turn off when top RH reached

the IHC-200 is running a fogger for an orchidarium. Only the sensor is inside the case. With some frequency, the unit doesn’t turn off the fogger. The power light for Work 1 is off and work 2’s light is on, but the power is still on in work 1 and the fogger continues to run. The only recourse is to turn the fogger off and open the case to get the RH to drop to below the set value of 90%. This isn’t a catastrophe unless I am away for a few days and pf course the fogger runs dry.

Do you mean when the humidifier reached HS, the work 1 indicator of IHC-200 is off, but the humidifier outlet still on?
Could you please let me know the voltage and watt of the humidifier?
Please test:

  1. Unplug the controller
  2. Hold the SET button of the controller
  3. Repower the controller, then release the SET button
  4. Within 2 seconds, press the down button, Please do not press the up button. It will turn on the work 2 outlet, work 2 indicator light on, is the work 1 (humidifier) turned on?
    This is a test mode, it can check if there is a problem with the work 1 outlet.
    If there is still a problem, please provide the order information and the link of this post to, my colleagues will provide follow-up after-sales service.