IHC-200 WiFi problem with HPS lights

Hi, i’ve installed the IHC-200 WiFi and it works great. There is only a little problem and i don’t know how to fix it. I use a 5X5 growing tent with a HPS lights (witch emits more heat than an LED lights) and as soon as the light turns on, my RH drop below 10%… a minute before it was at 85%… i don’t know if it’s the black probe but my other humidistat in the tent gives me a reading of 42% when the light is on… Am i making an error somewhere??

If the HPS light is not used, is the reading of IHC-200WIFI correct?
If it is still wrong, please use a dry cloth to clean the probe and cable, then use a hairdryer to dry the entire unit, then test the probe in the air, will it work?

Yes, when the lights is turned off, the reading is accurate

I contacted the engineer, and the engineer replied that the HPS lamp may affect the humidity. If possible, please do not use them together.

It would be an awesome idea to specify that you product isn’t compatible with HPS lights… as the other humidistat i am using isn’t affected by the HPS lights. Is there a way to fix this other than " not using my type of lighting" ? Is there another probe i can use wich will not be affected by the HPS heat?

Thanks for the quick reply by the way :slight_smile:

Sorry, we do not have another humidity probe.
I will send this matter as a suggestion to the technical department.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Well thankyou, have a nice day

This is just literally how things work… High heat = low humidity…

Would be a smart commentary if only i didn’t had 2 other humidistat saying other % of RH. Also, i’m pretty sure the tropical weather disagree with your fact :slightly_smiling_face:

You misunderstand how a dehumidifier works bro. Peace

Please enlighten my path because i do not understand my problematic