IHC-200-Wifi accuracy?

just received my IHC-200-Wifi, doesn’t seem very accurate, using another humidity device to calibrate in moist salt in sealed ziplock get 73% RH( ±3-5%) same environment IHC-200 is 20% out reading 95%. faulty probe or defective unit? or a master reset? any help please,?

Could you please use a hairdryer to dry the entire unit for a while, then test the probe in the air, can it read correctly?
If no, please contact the seller for after-sales.

thanks i did resolve this issue with leaving it to dry for few hours, i guess morning moisture in my greenhouse was the issue, my novice mistake, learning somehing new every day but thanks for your time to respond, appreciate you, now have paired with a itc 308 wifi :slight_smile:

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