Use of IHC-200 in a high humidity area

So I have been running IHC-200 controllers for many years now… and I finally got the new WIFI model few months ago… So while NON-WIFI model was not that sensitive to a high humidity area… I am running into issues with IHC-200WIFI where the controller jumps tp 100% humidity… even when there is NO 100% humidity in the grow room…

When I move the sensor from the room for few minutes… it goes right back to 60-70% but if I move the sensor back into the room it maxes to the 100% again… the sensor is NOT wet… there is no water condensation… I use the unit to control humidity in a mushroom grow room… so the humidity is in the 80-90s %

Is there something that I am doing wrong? Is the unit not suppose to be used in high humidity area? Again my old sensors and units usually ran for months at a time… but with the WIFI unit… I see it getting stuck on 100% a lot…

IHC-200-WIFI works in the same way as IHC-200.
In order to rule out whether there is moisture inside the probe, please dry the probe with a blower, or put it in a dry environment for 1-2 days, and then put it into the mushroom grow room, will its reading still reach 100%?