IBS-TH3 Loading Failed

I just got a 2 pack of the IBS-TH3 from amazon. one works fine. the other throws a Loading Failed error in the app whenever I go to view it. I’ve removed and re-added it to the app and swapped out batteries (including testing with the batteries that are in the one that’s functioning fine). Any ideas before I return these?

I got one the other day. Sometimes it works fine then it stops working and displays “loading failed”. Been doing this for two days and is well frustrating I no longer trust the readings and find myself reading a manual one instead. Went online last night and ordered a different brand for 35 quid. When this arrives I will be either returning the IBS-TH3 or using it as a frizbee and firing it over the fence.

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And now the other one I have is doing the same thing. Brand new batteries, sitting feet from the wifi router. Not impressive.