IBS-P01R mult-channel and Google integration

Couple of questions on this products capabilities.

  1. I have read that multiple channels can be paired, does this mean I can buy another transmitter for my hot tub and the display will alternate between the pool stats and the hot tub stats?

  2. What is the anticipated battery life for the transmitter (within good range of the receiver) and the display(receiver)?

  3. Do you support any kind of integration with Google Home?

  • ie. Hey Google, what is the pool temperature.

thank you


  1. Up to 3 IBS-P01R-O transmitters can be connected to the IBS-P01R-I receiver.
  2. The battery life of the transmitter and receiver is about 3-6 months.
  3. Sorry, it doesn’t support Google Home.

Thank you for the quick reply.

  1. I assume the lower temperature/humidity reading on the display are sensed from within the display unit to show room temperature/humidity where the display is located?

  2. I see on the back of the receiver a channel switch button (CH/R).

If I have 2 transmitters connected (pool and spa) does the top portion of the display alternate automatically between the two or do I have to take the display off the wall and press the channel button to select and see the 2nd transmitter statistics?

  1. If IBS-P01R is the part number for a pair of 1 transmitter / 1 receiver what is the part number for a 2nd transmitter?

Thank you


Yes, the screen of the IBS-P01R-I receiver is divided into two parts. Water Temp refers to the temperature reading of the IBS-P01R-O transmitter. IN refers to the temperature and humidity reading of the IBS-P01R-I receiver.

If you connected 2 transmitters, the top portion of the display will alternate automatically between the 2 transmitters.
The part number for the transmitter is IBS-P01R-O.
Could you please let me know your country? I will contact my colleague to see if they sell the IBS-P01R-O separately.