IBS-P01R Temp does not appear on monitor

I am trying to set up the above pool temp sensor and monitor.
the Sensor is showing the current pool temp however the monitor shows only dashes where there should be a temp shown.
The book of instructions is too complicated to follow.
Can anyone give me a simple explanation?

Please unplug the battery of the IBS-P01R-O transmitter first, press the TX button inside the cover of the IBS-P01R-O transmitter, then reinstall the battery, and press the tx button again, it will flash the indicator light once, indicating that the signal is transmitting. The IBS-P01R-O receiver does not need to remove the battery. Can it be connected?

Yes thank you
Now working

What if there is no TX button? Monitor only shows the indoor temp but not the outdoor water temp.

There is a TX button inside the transmitter cover of IBS-P01R (please note that it is not a receiver). If it is IBS-P01/ IBS-01B, there is no TX button. The IBS-P01/ IBS-01B cannot be connected to the IBS-P01R-I receiver.