IBS-P01R shows wrong temperature

My pool thermometer is showing 20 degrees C higher than it should. Outside temp is currently 22c on receiver but pool is 45c (which is wrong).
Have tried all reset buttons and replaced all batteries in both units.
Is transmitter faulty? Need help please.

Please check if there is water inside the transmitter?
If you remove the batteries from the transmitter, open the cover of the transmitter and leave it to dry indoors for about 1 day, and then install the batteries, does it read accurately?

Hi Tania,

There was no water in the transmitter. If took the batteries out of the transmitter and receiver for 2 days and then reinstalled.

The transmitter said 125 degrees centigrade and the receiver now says water temp is HH degrees centigrade but air temp is correct on receiver.

Is the transmitter faulty?

Wait to hear,


There may be a problem with the transmitter.
Please provide the link of this post and order information to support@inkbird.com, my colleague will provide after sales service.