IBS-P01R Remote sensor inaccurate temp

The remote sensor is BS displaying a temperature 4 degrees higher than multiple other thermometers.

Is there an adjustment possible??

Sorry, unless used with the IBS-M1 gateway, the transmitter’s readings can be calibrated via the app, the IBS-P01R does not have calibration function.
Maybe you could remove the cover and batteries from the transmitter, please put it indoors to dry, and then install the batteries to test the room temperature, does it read correctly?

No, it’s been open and in the house for three days. A degree or 2 I could understand, but 3 degrees for a device at this price is downright garbage

If after the test, it’s readings are still way off. If it is under warranty, please provide photos and contact seller for replacement, or please provide photos and order information to support@inkbird.com for after-sales.