Unable to re-pair IBS-P01R to transmitter

I am unable to pair the inkbird IBS-P01R transmitter (pool thermometer) to the receiver IBS-P01R-I. The water temp indicator continuously displays – – –. Please provide any troubleshooting steps to get connection. The receiver displays the indoor temperature, I have removed batteries from transmitter pressed TX. Then reinstall batteries and press TX and then pressed CH on receiver but still no display.

Please pull out the batteries of the transmitter, long press the TX button of the transmitter for about 5-8 seconds.
Please reinstall the batteries, then short press the tx button for about 1 second, it will flash the indicator light once, indicating that the signal is transmitting.
The receiver does not need to pull out the battery, please short press the CH button of the receiver for about 1 second. Does it work?

That did not work. Light on transmitter is flashing once every 5 seconds but no display of water temp on receiver. Pressing CH button does nothing, shouldn’t it be switching between channels?

The premise of pressing the CH button to switch channels is that the transmitter is successfully connected to the receiver.
Is it possible to send an email with a video of how you do it, and order information to support@inkbird.com?
My colleague will provide after-sales service.

Thank you. Have sent email with requested info.

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I am having the same problem. Did you get fix instructions?

Hi, I meant to come in here and update for everyone else. Support determined that my device was bad and there was no fix. It was still under one year warranty and was replaced for free.