Q&A: How to re-pair IBS-P01R?

IBS-P01R is composed of IBS-P01R-I receiver and IBS-P01R-O transmitter.
If the IBS-P01R-O transmitter has a temperature reading after installing the battery, but the IBS-P01R-I receiver cannot display the reading of the IBS-P01R-O transmitter:

Please place the IBS-P01R-O transmitter next to the IBS-P01R-I receiver.
There is no need to unplug the battery for the IBS-P01R-I receiver.
Please unplug the battery of the IBS-P01R-O transmitter, press the TX button of the IBS-P01R-O transmitter (The TX button is inside the cover of the IBS-P01R-O transmitter.)
Reinstall the battery and press the TX button again. The indicator light at the bottom of the screen of the IBS-P01R-O transmitter will flash once, indicating that the signal is being transmitted.
This operation is equivalent to manually transmitting the signal of the IBS-P01R-O transmitter, and it will reconnect to the IBS-P01R-I receiver.