Receiver not working

I received model IBS-PO1/B several months ago. It was supposed to be a replacement and an updated version of the one I had problems with.
This one is working in the spa but the receiver never tells me the temperature of the water. It only tells me my room temperature.
I have been waiting months for the temperature to show up on the receiver but it still has not.
I had read a post previously that said something about TK switch but mine does not have that.

If there is a receiver, maybe the model you used before was the IBS-P01R?
Please check if the replacement you received is IBS-P01R-O transmitter. Please understand that IBS-P01 or IBS-P01B cannot be connected to the IBS-P01R-I receiver.

The box in which they both were shows IBS-PO1/B so do you think they sent the wrong part? Then on the box is the UPC code which gives me a different number of IBS-PO1. Someone when packing these boxes at the warehouse must have screwed up. Guess I should send them an email so they can correct their mistake as now I don’t have a clue what I got but they sure must be completely different parts and do not go together.

Please let us confirm first, the first product you purchased and used was the IBS-P01R?

If yes, please open the cover of the replacement product and check if there is a TX button inside? This can rule out if it’s a box or label error.

I do not remember the first one. It was replaced and then had same problem. Was then replaced again which is the one I now have. The box shows IBS-PO1/B and stick on label shows the same except for the letter B.

May I know if the model you originally purchased had a receiver and transmitter? If yes, could you please provide a photo showing the label on the back of the receiver, and the two replacements label you received?
If possible, could you please provide the order details? If you have concerns about public information, please send me a private message.
Because of the lack of information, I can’t judge whether the seller misunderstood or the warehouse sent the wrong item.