Trouble connecting ITH-20R-0 and IBS-P01R


I have IBS-P01R Pool Reciever and bought 2 x ITH-20R-0 Transmitters to add so I could measure outside temerature as well as water temperature.

No matter what I try, they wont sync/add to reciver.

Any tips or ticks ?

May I know when you purchased the IBS-P01R-I transmitter? Could you provide a photo of its display?
Because there are several versions of the IBS-P01R, the first generation cannot connect to the ITH-20R-O transmitter.


Purchased 2 new transmitters just a couple of weeks ago as I want to meausre the outside temp in addition to inside and pool temp.

Photos attached

Many Thanks


Any update or progress to date ?

Please try:
Install the batteries in the receiver, long press the CH button of the receiver to reset it; then pull the batteries from the transmitter, press the TX button of the transmitter, then reinstall the batteries, press the tx button again, it will flash the indicator light onceto indicate that it is transmitting a signal. Please short-press the CH button of the receiver. Does the pairing work?
Please also note that the IBS-P01R-I will only display the temperature reading of the transmitter, it will not display the humidity reading of the ITH-20R-O if the connection is successful.