I am looking for this app

I am looking for this Application. Because I would like to check all sensor’s temperature at one screen.
Can I use this app with IBS-M2?
If I can, please tell me a name of this app and how to get.

It is the INKBIRD app, the gateway in the picture is the IBS-M1 2nd generation. Once connected, the INKBIRD app automatically recognises the IBS-M1 2nd generation and displays the sensor readings as shown in the picture.
Please note that the amount of sensor content that can be displayed may vary between phone models as the screen size varies.

Thanks for the info.
Can I use this INKBIRD app with the IBS-M2?
I am using the IBS-M2 and the application for iPhone. However, I am unable to view the sensor readings at the same time. Is there a difference in the application you are using?

Sorry, because the models are different, they will have different UI interfaces.
I will send it to the engineers as a suggestion.

Thank you.
I look forward to your engineers improve the application in the near future.


Yes, please! This would be most helpful.

Version 1.5.5 of the Inkbird app on my Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus (TB-X606F) running Android 10 monitoring IBS-M2 + IBS-P02R

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