Why does the IAM-T1-monitor not show up in the 'Inkbird Pro'-App?

The IAM-T1 is running quite well in our experimental building. I connected ist with the “old” Inkbird-App. But: It would be nice to have the IAM-T1-monitor also available in the ‘Inkbird Pro’-App,

Please understand that the ‘Inkbird pro’ app is an old app and it has stopped being updated.
‘INKBIRD’ app is a new app, and new products will be updated on ‘INKBIRD’ app.

Thank you: I thought it was the opposite way (thats what ‘pro’ normally is).

Feedback: Yes, The INKBIRD-App connects.

Now: The INKBIRD-App does not connect to the IBS-M1- Data-recorder which records all my other (16) inkbird-sensors.

Would it be possible to enable IAM-T1 also to connect to the IBS-M1 ? IBS-M1 can not be connected to the INBIRD-App, that would be a solution the other way around. So it looks like I will have to use both apps - one for the IAM-T1 and another for the whole bulk of Temperature-Sensors.

But if I’ll have to use different apps to approuch Your sensors seperately, that will make data recording using Inkbird quite inconvenient.

Also: Even with IBS-M1 I do have to dwonload each record of each of the sensors individually - which takes a lot of extra time, downloading 16 sensors one by one manually.

For these reasons using the Inkbird senspors (otherwise quite good hardware, accurate and stable) will not be a solution we can choose for our data aquisition/monitoring projects. There needs to be a more convenient way to download all the data form Your hardware.

Take your time - I know, software development takes time and there might be other priortities. But, if you can program a solution for this problem, it will make your hardware far more attractive.

Sorry, IBS-M1 does not support connecting to IAM-T1.
If the app is changed, the device is required to be reconnected.
Currently the IBS-M1 is required to select the sensor and export data separately for data export, it doesn’t have the option to export all data with one click. I will feed it back to the engineers as a suggestion, maybe they can consider optimising this feature in the future.