How to set upper temperature upper limit to a negative value for IBS-M1

I am using IBS-M1 units for monitoring food freezers. They give me temperature information but I cannot set the upper temperature limit to -15C as an example. I can set the lower limit to -30C. Please explain if and how this can be done.

May I know the model number of the sensor connected to the IBS-M1?
Is IBS-M1 the second generation version (INKBIRD logo is blue)?
Are you using the INKBIRD app or the Inkbird pro app?
Please provide the phone model and phone system version.
I will contact the engineers to check.

Thank you for your quick reply.

  • sensor is IBS-TH2

  • IBS-M1 logo is blue

  • using InkBird Pro

  • phone is Samsung Galaxy A5, model SM-A520W

  • software is Android version 8.0.0

Thanks for your details.
I contacted the engineers and they tested it several times using the same equipment but did not find the problem :cry:.
Could you please provide a video of this problem to, this can help them to better determine what the problem is.
Thanks for your cooperation in advance.

Hello Tania,
I was able to input a negative upper limit by pressing the [ . - ] key twice. This information may have been somewhere in the instructions. If so I apologize for taking your time.
So far I am very happy with both the equipment and the application software.

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