Homebrew API for Inkbird IBS-M1

I know from multiple exchanges with Inkbird support that they don’t view the homebrew market as important, but I’m wondering if anyone in the community has tried sniffing the traffic between the Inkbird IBS-M1 and the iOS app. Using the Mac network shim for iOS it is possible to tcpdump traffic between the two, but before I go off reinventing the wheel I though I would post and see if anyone has already blazed this trail. If you have, did you discover the layer 7 traffic to be readable (i.e. unencrypted by TLS, etc)? Does it appear to be standards-based (i.e. RESTful or SOAP-based invocations, XML or JSON responses)?

The alerting functions built into Inkbird apps are nonfunctional, so I need to find a way to implement server-based alerting based on polling the sensor data. Any suggestions from the community welcome.

Sorry, we currently do not provide API protocol.

You can register your device with the tuya smart life app and then access the data through the tuya IOT platform.

That would interest me.

Is there a cookbook describing the use case for integrating Inkbird endpoints with the Tuya ecosystem?

Once integrated, does the smartphone become a gateway between the IBS-M1 and a Tuya-maintained data lake? Can you think of a way to host the Tuya gateway on a Windows or Linux platform so that a constantly-running application isn’t required on a dedicated smartphone?

I would love this too. The Tuya-app doensn’t work for me. I can’t get the device visible in the cloud-app.